This Dog Never Barks, What He Does Instead Is So Funny!


November 5, 2016 Videos

Sometimes I wonder what this world would be without pets. To my opinion, the world without these lovely animals called pets would be very boring indeed. The reason why I am saying this is because you as a working class person will not get any charming up action or deed after having worked for 8 hours or more. But if you have a pet, it is totally a different case as they will surely entertain you and charm you up. If you don’t agree with this or you are one of those people who never have pets, then the clip below will definitely convince you to look for one


In the video, we meet a dog named Cody. But when you have a closer look at what he does, you will definitely realize that he is not like the other dogs, but a kind of its own. When the owners came from work and called out his name, he came running. The unique thing with him is that he never barks like other dogs, but screams. At first, the owners were very frightened because they thought he had a disorder, but upon consultation with dog experts, they were told that it was a way he had invented to please them.

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