They’re Standing BeforeThe Flag, Singing. At 3:20, I Couldn’t Believe My Ears. I’m Rewinding!


July 5, 2015 Videos

At any one time, the US keeps roughly 200,000 troops deployed in 114 territories and countries across the globe. At the same time, there’re always about 20,000 Marines and sailors sailing the oceans in US Navy Ships.

You get a good reminder about these heroes on this July 4thclip, and it’s got people talking. We have these three guys that formed a group called GENTRI. This group did something that you’ll want to know more about.


Here’re Bradly, Brad and Casey, and they want to singsome pop songs that’ll get you to the edge of the seat. But it’s not the group that’ll make you emotional; it’s what they’re singing about.

Watching these three as they lead the audiencethrough the soldiers’ action scenes, folding the national flag and flaunting the beautiful American landscape, I had to decide that the felling I was getting was out of patriotism and love for the troops. At 3:20, what I heard gave me chills.

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