This Guy Had Everyone On Their Feet When He Opened His Mouth. It’s Talent!


January 15, 2017 Videos

Every aspiring musician dreams of making their break-through by getting a chance to participate in the most popular talent-search competitions like America’s Got Talent. That’s one reason why this guy decided to take a shot at it. The results will floor you!


Calum is a smart guy, and he has a talent to prove, so when the event kicked off, he set himself ready to bring the house down. However, he couldn’t help feeling a little freaky when his sister lost the judges’ support as she performed right before Calum. But Calum is a strong guy, and he knew his success depended on his own performance.

Watch the clip and witness this talented man get the whole crowd on their feet. Even the judges can’t help it. See what Simon does!

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