He Was Always Targeted By Bullies. Then He Made A Decision Which STUNNED everyone. WOW!


February 28, 2016 Videos

In most cases, whenever people are at the receiving end of bullies, they end up developing trust issues or become a bit reserved. When Josh was targeted by bullies, he decided to choose a completely different path. He decided to change his life and at the end he managed to touch his fellow students’ lives.


He was not ready to allow what other people said to control his life and as a result chose to do an act of kindness which took his personality to another level. The moment he went to another school, Josh made the decision of holding doors for other to pass. The moment he started doing it, most of the students thought it was a bit strange and awkward. With time, they became more connected with him and found a way of respecting and thanking him. Please watch the touching clip below to witness everything.

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